Sketches from Barcelona

When you visit a city a map might be one of the first things you see, and putting yourself inside the streets, walking through them like that might be one of the most exciting things you do.

Barcelona, like many cities – Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, is perfect for cycling (we’ll talk about skateboarding another time) and its perfect weather, plentiful public seating and mind binding modernist architecture also make it perfect for sketching. People sometimes argue it’s better to sketch than to take a photograph of something new, to remember it the way you saw it, to highlight the parts you found important or liked at the time.

People also argue it’s better to see a city from the saddle of a bike, we won’t argue this for everywhere, but for the places to follow we’re sold.

What Sarah Bayaidah does is combine the love of cycling, sketching and cities to create unique heart shaped cycle routes all over the world. Her site and wellbeing initiative Cycle Your Heart Out features these heart shaped cycle routes, sketches of her travels and inspires others to do the same.

From her Barcelona heart route back in 2013:




On the mission:

“When I first thought of the idea for Cycle Your Heart Out in 2010 I remember thinking how cool it would be to start drawing heart routes on maps with my bike, & one day cover the world. Painting the interesting landmarks along my heart shaped journey allow me to become fully immersed and absorb everything that’s surrounding me.” 




On painting:

“I have loved painting & being creative ever since I was a young girl. I used to look forward to family birthdays as it would always give me the chance to get creative and make cards and presents for them.” 



Sarah is currently based in Spain preparing for her next heart route, her most recent being in Madrid!

To create your own route and follow Sarah’s journey you can visit

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